Hydro-lite: sustain your young animals


Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) are well recognized both in human and veterinary medicine as the best tool to limit dehydration and support acid-base status in case of diarrhea and dehydration. Not all the ORS are equal, indeed they have to provide high level of: easy digestible energy (simple sugar is the preferred option), buffers (such as bicarbonate, acetate or citrate) to correct metabolic acidosis, electrolytes (sodium, potassium and chloride) in order to restore the proper acid-base balance and substances that can improve sodium absorption (as glycine).  As ORS is often fed to lethargic animals, palatability is also crucial, therefore rehydration solution has to be very attractive and palatable


Based on the above considerations, Mazzoleni developed Hydro-lite, a specially designed feed that contains easy digestible sugar, effective buffer such as sodium bicarbonate and organic potassium; it is effervescent, therefore fast dissolving without the need of mixing, very attractive and palatable.



Hydrolyte is very useful in calves during digestive disorder, cold and heat stress. During digestive disorder in a marked loss of fluid and electrolytes occur, leading to metabolic acidosis. Hydro-lite provides highly available sodium, potassium and chloride, together with sodium bicarbonate against metabolic acidosis and dextrose, easy digestible sugar. Heat stress is a challenge even for young calves, affecting growth performance and immune function. During hot season calf is less keen to eat and the energy expense to maintain the proper body temperature increases. Calves attempt to maintain their body temperature water is lost through increased respiration and evaporative cooling (sweating), therefore during hot season water requirements heavily rise: healthy calves under heat stress will drink between 6 and 12 liters of water daily just to maintain normal hydration. Severely sick calves under heat stress sometimes require up to 20 liters replacing what has been lost (Bentley, 2018). Together with water, sweat contains electrolytes (sodium, potassium etc.) that have to be restored to avoid metabolic acidosis. In hot season Hydro-lite provide extra energy, to support the drop of solid feed intake and the increase expenditure for cooling down body temperature or cope against disease and reduced feed intake In cold season calves are less keen to drink water, crucial for rumen bacteria population, and an increasing of energy expenditure occurs to maintain body temperature. Fed in warm water between the two milk meals Hydro-lite provide extra energy and improve warm water intake. 

Oral rehydration solutions are of interest even for suckling piglets in case of digestive disorders for the reasons mentioned above.

Dissolved in water or mixed with feed Hydro-lite is also suitable to provide extra energy and stimulate solid feed consumption in kids and lambs. 

Feeding Hydro-lite in large water troughs is also useful to help newly received beef calves to restore the electrolytes lost during long transport, especially in hot season.