New Portfolio organization of Aminopro, the Second Generation of SCP



Mazzoleni launch Aminopro a second-generation  of SCP, a robust products portfolio designed for today’s feed sector.

In the long term but also in the short term the need for protein solutions will be greater than ever.

Today we all face to the volatility of global trade that suppresses markets and negatively impacts prices for animal protein and other commodities and a slow and underestimated recovery from the effects of the COVID19 pandemic.

Most producers lost money during this 2021, but that’s been during some of the most extreme volatility in global food demand anyone has ever seen.

Aminopro products portfolio addresses for each customer that want a new source of protein, improve performance of livestock, and reduce diet costs thereby improving feed efficiency.


We firmly believe that our second-generation SCP products stand out, in terms of stability, protein content and quality of other components, from other solutions available on the market as protein alternatives to classic plant protein sources but especially a very good Fish Meal Replacer (F.M.R.)

The benefits of using the second generation are: suitable amino acid profile, no Anti-Nutritional Factors (ANF) like Trypsin inhibitor, high content in peptides and free amino acids, with consequent low molecular weight and beneficial for digestibility.

Adding Aminopro to your diet you can expect some of these key benefits: cost savings formulation, more sustainable production because Aminopro is not in competition with human food, lower soy and fish meal utilisation and more alternative protein raw materials, animal welfare, in our field experience, we see significantly reducing foot-pad lesions in poultry and less ears necrosis in pigs.

Aminopro could be considered a non-expensive solution and it's a low inclusion product in the diet, which may vary from 3% to 6%, so over the years we notice that the acceptance by users to keep it regularly in the diet has grown.

Aminopro G70, Aminopro 75 are classified as raw material, are the highest in protein content among the other products of portfolio.

Aminopro F68, Aminopro V63, Aminopro Ω67 are complementary feed with a strong content in SCP, formulation is completed by Yeast, Yeast cell wall, Nucleotide and Omega 3 and 6 in Aminopro Ω67  in different percentage; today with improvement in formulation and industrial process fluidity is also ensured without any anticaking added in formula.

New portfolio will be accompanied by a brand new bag that is a mirror of the technology content of the products.

Monogastrics, Aquaculture, Ruminants but also Pet Food are the fields of application of Aminopro portfolio and are for sure the solution to meet customer’s need when they want new protein sources and better results in the farm.