A widespread gourmet experience




Mazzoleni didn’t want to give up the traditional Christmas corporate appointment and decided to adopt a creative dinner model and this in collaboration whit the three-star Michelin Restaurant Da Vittorio and in networking with others 15 top quality restaurants located throughout the country.

On December 19th, “let's meet together-19” will be on stage, a tasting experience, in home-delivery mode, created for us by 16 blazoned chefs and delivered directly at our homes. On December 19th at 19 o’clock we will exchange Christmas greetings  in web-based mode and then everyone will enjoy the dinner with their loved ones.

We all go through hard times, we all experience this situation from a while. The second lockdown  and its restrictions in place since last 6th of November obliged us to  back out the organization of the usual Christmas corporate dinner dedicated to collaborators and partners from all over Italy.

But why give up this rendezvous full of meaning? Why deny the team of this friendly  moment and further damaging the catering sector?

Suddenly the idea comes up: let’s create a network of high quality restaurants located in the areas where our guests living and organize a "widespread dinner" throughout the country that guests will enjoy at home.

Guests, on the same day, at the same time and with the same menu, they will virtually dinner together and exchanging Christmas greetings in total safety way.

“Someone may think that this is a revised home-delivery, but for us it is much more than this.” says Andrea Mazzoleni CEO of the company “What’s behind this:

• the determination not to give up sharing experiences with the people we care about despite this  ongoing global pandemic;

• the desire to support Italian catering sector which is the culture of the territory and lever for the agri-food sector to which we belong.

We operate in the livestock sector which has only been marginally affected by this crisis if compared to others, but we are the first link in the chain.

The enthusiasm in carrying out this project, which certainly won't substantially changing the financial result of the involved restaurants, is also intended as a small contribution to supporting the agri-food sector of which we both proudly belong.

Italian cuisine and catering related activities are a strategic asset of our culture and are a distribution channel for the products of many of our customers. Together we contribute to protect and enhance Italian food excellence.

Furthermore, there is a deep conviction that creating synergies, carrying out "positive" ideas, is good for everyone because a virtuous circle is triggered and it results in positive energy for everyone.”

And now ... how to guarantee a high and homogeneous quality standard? How to be sure that a perfect meal would arrive at the dinner table of our guests?


And here comes up the second idea: to involve the Restaurant “Da Vittorio”  which ,  in addition to be an excellence of Italian cuisine in the world, has a great experience in home-delivery catering  and he shared with us the sad moments lived here,  in one of the most troubled  area during the first pandemic wave.


With Chicco Cerea we have developed and fine-tuned menu and an organizational model.


“I loved the idea immediately, I found it amazing - says Chicco Cerea chef of ​​the Resturant Da Vittorio- the challenge to taking on board others 15 restaurants throughout the country and creating a network that would allow Mazzoleni's guests to enjoy a high quality delivery service sharing the same menu at the same time was very exciting. Accepted.”

“These are the kind of ideas that instill hope and cultivate optimism in people  in a certainly difficult period for our sector and for many others.”

Listed below are the restaurants in partnership with the project: 

  1. ACQUOLINA, Roma
  2. AGORÀ, Rende (CS)
  4. BACCO, Barletta (BA)
  5. D’ONE, Montepagano (TE)
  6. DA VITTORIO, Brusaporto (BG)
  8. GELLIUS, Oderzo (TV)
  9. I PUPI, Bagheria (PA)
  10. L’AMO, Caserta
  11. LA MADIA, Licata (AG)
  12. LUIGI POMATA, Cagliari
  13. MISERIA E NOBILTÀ, Campobasso
  14. PIO COSTANTINI, Collalto. (UD)
  16. VIRTUOSO GOURMET, Lucigliano (FI)