Mazzoleni offers to their customers a line of products specifically formulated for poultry, designed to improve the performance of the animals and aid them through the critical stages of breeding. The line includes alternative protein sources allowing for excellent growth performance while reducing feeding cost.

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Nutritional supplements

A complete range of nutritional products in liquid and powder form for broilers, layers and turkeys, which have been studied for the various stages of the animal’s life.

Functional supplements

A line of functional products which respond to specific requirements.

Smart protein

A line of highly-concentrated, palatable and highly digestible proteins, which can be used in combination with the main sources of protein.


Disinfecting products for intense farming, as well as sanitizers products and detergents for a wide range of applications, which can also be used in less than optimal conditions, for example in the presence of a large quantity of organic matter or with very hard water.