Mazzoleni offers to their distributors a complete range of nutrition and hygiene solutions. Our technicians can provide all the necessary support to the customer’s staff, in order to identify products for the most critical stages of farming, with particular attention to the well-being of the animal and the quality of the milk and meat.

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Nutritional supplements

A line of technologically advanced products, tested with the support of the technical team, which guarantee excellent performance for the various stages of the animal’s life.

Functional supplements

A line of functional supplements with formulas studied to meet specific requirements. The range includes toxin-binders, fertility-improvers, and correctors for the main metabolic disorders.

Functional and nutritional fats

A range of products with a high concentration of omega 3 and omega 6 with elevated rumen bypass, a line of high digestible calcium soaps, hydrogenated and fractionated nutritional fats.


A line of tablets and capsules with targeted actions and high bioavailability. Either slow-release or fast effect, according to the required action.

Yeast and rumen modulators

A complete range of active and inactive yeast and yeast products which regulate rumen activity.

Weaning line

A wide range of milk and whey-based milk replacers, studied to obtain excellent growth performance for the entire weaning period.

Weaning aids

Probiotics, prebiotics, rehydration substances and anti-diarrhoeal products to best cope with the critical stages of weaning and reduce mortality.

Hygiene products

A new line of products for water, barn and animal hygiene: sanitizers, pre- and post-dipping detergents and foot products for the prevention of dermatitis.